What is DLY COP?

Daily COP is a token that exists on the Blockchain. From the creation of your Crypto Wallet, you will be able to use Daily COP in decentralized transactions to other wallets.

We invite you to create your Crypto Wallet and learn about this new experience

Use your available Daily COP

as you like

Pay in stores, send them to your friends, move them between your accounts or sell them whenever you want.

Ready! You can now manage your Daily COP as you prefer.

Use your

as you want

Receive and send them to your friends or sell them whenever you want.

After creating your Crypto Wallet you can manage your Daily COP as you prefer.

From the Home you will be able to see all your available Daily COP.

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When you enter the “Available” Wallet, you will be able to see the transactions you can make and your transaction history

Convert your Dailys into Daily COP; you can convert your Dailys from your rewards one to your Daily COP crypto wallet

Remember! You can convert Dailys from rewards to your Daily COP Crypto Wallet, but you cannot move Daily COP from your Crypto Wallet to rewards.

Receive Daily COP from other users through your QR code; This contains the address of your wallet.

Share it with other users to receive Daily COP quickly and safely. Upon receiving them, they will be reflected in your Available Crypto Wallet.

Send Daily COP to other users through their cell phone number or their Wallet address. These will be reflected in their Available Crypto Wallet.

  • This transaction has a fee of 100 DLY COP.

Sell your Daily COP easily; You must make a request for sale, which will be approved within the next business day.

  • You can sell up to 5 million DLY COP every bussiness day.
  • This transaction has a fee of 100 DLY COP.


From your profile you can make adjustments such as changing your Daily password, choose the language of your preference or see your recovery phrase.


Remember that you are the owner of the keys to your Crypto Wallet.

Do not forget to save the recovery phrase in case you lose your mobile device, because if you lose it, you will irreversibly lose access to your Daily COP’s.

You are ready to enjoy the benefits of Daily COP.